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Where Do You Get Prom Dresses things done that require focus.Read

Five more stress tips for surviving tough times How do you stay calm under pressure so intense it makes you want to scream?Especially if you want to stay away from valium?Especially if you need to get some Where Do You Get Prom Dresses things done that require focus.Read on for five more things you can do that will help you calm yourself down. First, you might want to review the five basic strategies from the first article of this series:Be prepared, breathe, take time out Bridesmaid Dresses: when you need it, focus on the positive, and do what you can, one thing at a time.But sometimes, you need more help.Your body may be flooded with stress hormones, and they need to go somewhere.Some serious intervention may be in order.Physical intervention. If there is someone nearby whom you have a hugging relationship with, by all means, get a hug.Make it a nice and long one, if appropriate.If there no one around, maybe cuddle a pet.Hugging or cuddling a pet releases oxytocin, which will counteract your stress hormones.And it also calms your stress response overall. Immersing yourself in hot water, maybe laced with epsom salt and some soothing aromatherapy essential oils, can be a powerful stress reliever.If you prefer bubble baths they work too.If you think you going to explode, run yourself a hot bath.Once you let yourself sink into the tub, you notice almost instantly how the stress just melts away.A cup of tea made with soothing herbs is optional. Go to the gym.A fairly intense workout gets rid of the stress hormones and you will feel a whole lot better afterwards.In fact, that stressedout feeling may well have evaporated altogether.If you stuck at work, you could also walk or run up and down the stairs a few times.No stairs?Walk around the block. There are a number of natural supplements that help with calming yourself down.I have found valerian especially effective, alone or in combination with a variety of other herbs, including passion flower, scullcap, st.John wort, kava, and more.Other supplements, including gaba are also highly effective and can be used alone or in combination with the former. Careful though, if you taking antidepressants.If you do, be sure to check with your doctor before selfmedicating.Also be careful with those herbs if you have to drive or use heavy machinery.Make sure you know how Junior Bridesmaid Dresses they affect you before deciding whether you still safe to drive.Of course, intense stress too affects your ability to drive, so watch out in any event. If you believe in a higher power, you will find prayer very helpful as well.Just turn your problem or situation over to god, the universe, the higher power, and pray for guidance and right outcome.Then give a prayer of thanks for getting that guidance, maybe even add, gee, i wonder how you get me out of this one, and then take a deep breath and proceed to step five from the previous article:Do what you can one thing at a time.One of my favorite resources is the unity prayer line, which you can reach 24/7 at 1800nowpray.It free and incredibly helpful. So let recap:Get a hug, take a hot bath, exercise, try some calming herbs, and/or pray not necessarily in that order, will help you stay calm in tough times.Want more stress tips?Get elisabeth kuhn free stressbusting strategies report and reclaim your inner calm.




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